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Our Story

When math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh noticed that many of his young and enthusiastic students, although otherwise intelligent, struggled with algebra, he figured there was a problem with the way the subject was taught, and not with the students themselves. Because of this, he decided to found his own software company, WeWantToKnow, together with Patrick Marchal, Ph.d in cognitive science.

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is the first game from WeWantToKnow. It is a learning tool that  ”secretly teaches” students algebra by turning it into a game. DragonBox Algebra has been internationally recognized as one of the best serious games ever, receiving awards all around the world, and prompting researchers to further study the benefits of this amazing new resource. DragonBox is subject to ongoing research and testing by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington. This research is being used to refine our current products and develop future products.

DragonBox was also picked up by several teachers who wanted to use DragonBox in their own classrooms. As a result of this, we developed DragonBox Algebra 12+. This game is longer, includes more algebraic operations, and is designed to correspond with most of the algebra curriculum for middle and high school students.

All WeWantToKnow games are developed through hundreds of hours of testing and refinement based on childrens’ feedback to make sure the final product is as effective as possible at teaching algebra.

WeWantToKnow are passionate about learning and our goal is to help students all around the world achieve their full potential. DragonBox is only the beginning, and we will create several other intuitive and educational learning tools in the future.

Our Philosophy

WeWantToKnow understands that play is an effective and natural learning method for children. As educators, we also know that the learning process is far easier and richer when a student first questions the given problem before being handed instructions on how to solve it. This phenomenon happens spontaneously as children engage the world with play. That’s why our primary design driver is ensuring that students can think and discover through playing our games.

WeWantToKnow is not simply translating traditional learning methods into a digital medium, nor are we creating yet another set of quiz drills. We are designing a truly new method and philosophy for creating smart learning games. We have invested a lot of time and effort in our first game, DragonBox+. Without using classical algebra symbols, DragonBox+ allows the player to absorb algebra facts through mastering the game and employing basic pattern recognition.

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