AASL: Best apps for teaching and learning 2014

DragonBox Algebra 5+ was recognised by the American Association of School Librarians as one of the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning in 2014, in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) category.

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DragonBox 5+ on GeekMummy podcast

DragonBox 5+ appeared in App Talk episode 22: DragonBox Algebra 5+ #AudioMo

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App Treasure Hunter: DragonBox Elements

When we first review a DragonBox learning application we were blown away by its ability to “secretly teach” Algebra. It covered every basic aspect of algebra and slowly the students would find themselves doing complex algebraic equations.

Well now DragonBox is back with a similar app that teaches geometry! And it is FAN-TAS-TIC!

It walks the student through every step of […]

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Slate: Stephen Colbert Thinks “Number Sentences” Are Silly. They’re Not

My kids really liked a tablet game called DragonBox, which, according to its promotional material, “secretly teaches algebra to your children.” Kind of like the way you can secretly feed kale to your children by grinding it up and hiding it in a meatball. But what DragonBox actually teaches are the rules of algebra: that you’re allowed to add […]

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Daily UW: Game on

“Educational games at the CGS build mastery of concepts by creating a personalized experience for each student. In DragonBox, a game that uses animal-faced cards to teach kids algebra, the sequence of problems and the speed at which new concepts are introduced is based on how the student previously performed. If a student is struggling with a certain concept, […]

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Rude Baguette: Study shows kids learn Algebra in hours playing Dragonbox game

A couple years back we introduced you to Norwegian-French startup WeWantToKnow and their highly impressive algebra learning game called Dragon Box. From our initial review, Dragon Box looked to be well on the path to joining the ranks of startups such as Coursera, Udacity and France’s Neodemia as one of the emerging startups disrupting the education space. They’ve announced […]

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Forbes: If Euclid Played Video Games, This Is The App He’d Build To Teach Geometry

There’s a simple way to learn geometry over the summer. It is easy and fun. Imagine Euclidean geometry: the video game. If your experience in high school geometry was anything like mine, it probably sounds like torture. But games make learning fun.

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Reuters: Norwegian students blow U.S. algebra record away with 5 million equations

Norwegian students solved nearly 5 million algebra equations in a week long challenge, using an app aimed at popularizing mathematics among children whose maths skills have been steadily sliding in international rankings.

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The New York Times: With Apps, Children Can Play the Game of Math

My 5-year-old son recently explained to my 3-year-old son that they were two years apart. Three years old plus 2 years old equals 5 years old, he explained.

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New Tech City: Five Video Games Your Middle Schooler Should Be Playing (Plus a Bonus One)

First, what makes a game a powerful tool for learning?

  1. It creates a safe space for exploration, experimentation and tinkering. Failure fuels discovery, not disengagement.
  2. It supports creative output. Games that require a player to make something allows them to synthesize what they have learned and take ownership over it.

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