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7 Best Math Apps

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Looking for math apps to teach your children mathematics? Take the opportunity to get together as a family and have fun with these 7 great math apps. As developers, we are always checking out new games, so we decided to compile a list of the best math apps out there.

DragonBox Algebra
The DragonBox Algebra […]

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Back to school sale: 50% off DragonBox Algebra and DragonBox Elements

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It’s on! We have gotten unanimously positive reviews by players, parents, educators… even the White House took notice! So we’ve decided it is time to run a big “Back to School” promotion in September.

Our Back to School promotion offers two main things:

50% OFF, ON ALL OUR APPS! 50% of […]

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DragonBox Elements transforms geometry into a puzzle game

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DragonBox Elements, the game that secretly teaches geometry, has hit the iOS and Android app stores!

Distinguished at the International Serious Play Awards and the “Wouap Doo Apps Jeunesse” trophees, DragonBox Elements is both a fun puzzle game and a delicately crafted learning journey, spanning over more than 100 levels. […]

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Why did we create DragonBox Elements?

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Our goal is to create games covering the 5 big ideas of mathematics taught up to high school. DragonBox Elements introduces what we consider to be the most important of all subjects in geometry: Proof.

Euclid’s Elements is considered a masterpiece by mathematicians, and it has been immensely influential for […]

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Our new game: DragonBox Elements

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Education is like an old PC. It takes ages to boot, and while it has its uses it fills your life with unnecessary frustration and inefficiency.

In a conversation with a friend three years ago, we discussed how some guys had designed a new way to boot PCs, much faster. […]