Powerful learning resources will stretch MILEs…

Learning is a complex process. Designing great pedagogical tools is necessary, but it is not sufficient to achieve great learning outcomes and change. Usage is key.

MILEs (Massive Interactive Learning Events) is one of the solutions we put in place to implement change and have a bigger learning effect at a bigger scale.

MILEs are events during which many children (from a region or from several countries) are invited to compete in groups (their class for example) in a web-based learning game. Such events explore many underestimated albeit powerful aspects of learning:

  • the fun aspect (game-based activity appealing to children, strong motivation factor, turning something known as tedious into something exciting…)
  • the competitive aspect (adrenaline kick, extra motivation)
  • the social aspect (sharing knowledge and success, helping each other)
  • the community aspect (sense of belonging and togetherness, alignment of personal objectives and group objectives)
  • the public aspect (feeling a part of the something big, seeing one’s group results on the Internet, getting local media attention)

Are you interested in organising a MILE or discussing MILE, take contact with us!

The Algebra Challenge: an unforgettable experience

WeWantToKnow has teamed up with the Center of Game Science from the University of Washington, the leading research center in game-based learning, to implement the first MILEs.

The Algebra Challenge is a one-week event using a version of DragonBox Algebra especially modified by UW CGS to be adaptive: DragonBox Adaptive. This version adapts to the pace of learning and the difficulty to each child.





Washington State, June 2013
4 189 students | 429 053 equations solved


Norway, January 2014
36 106 students | 7 675 643 equations solved 


Minnesota State, February 2014
6 315 students | 608 238 equations solved 

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Read on to learn about our biggest takeaways from having run multiple Algebra Challenges.

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