The Philosophy Behind DragonBox

DragonBox is designed based on every child’s innate ability to explore and recognize patterns. The learning tool can be used without instructions and motivates the student to experiment their way to the correct solution through constant feedback. DragonBox makes algebra less abstract and gives students the opportunity to solve a lot more equations than they would on pencil and paper.

The game is based on the following observations:

  • Students learn more when they are engaged.
  • The most important factor to learning is feedback.
  • Feedback should be immediate to be effective.
  • To feel mastery is key to staying motivated.
  • Students should be presented with challenges that match their level of mastery.
  • Students should be assessed in a formative, non-intrusive way.
  • A safe environment is the key to learning.
  • Peer learning is very effective.
  • Discovery or experiential learning is much more effective than instructional-based teaching.
  • Students learn differently and at different paces.
  • The language we use to teach mathematics is often a barrier to understanding.

We have conducted hundreds of hours of testing and refinement based on childrens’ feedback to make sure the final product is as effective as possible at teaching algebra. DragonBox is also the subject of ongoing research and testing by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington. This research is being used to refine our current products and develop future products.