Looking for math apps to teach your children mathematics? Take the opportunity to get together as a family and have fun with these 7 great math apps. As developers, we are always checking out new games, so we decided to compile a list of the best math apps out there.

Db12 top 5
DragonBox Algebra

The DragonBox Algebra games are designed to teach kids as young as 5 how to solve equations without even realizing it. In the beginning of the games, the player manipulates a set of whimsical cards to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the board. By doing this, players are actually performing algebraic operations to isolate X on one side of the equal sign. DragonBox Algebra 5+ is suitable for pre-algebra students who could use a challenge and a positive math experience. DragonBox Algebra 12+ is more suitable for middle school students who need to practice for their algebra exams.

DragonBox Algebra 5+
4.99 $ in the Apple App Store
4.99 $ in the Google Play Store

DragonBox Algebra 12+
7.99 $ in the Apple App Store
7.99 $ in the Google Play Store

DbElem top 5
DragonBox Elements

DragonBox Elements is based on what might be the most important mathematics book ever written, Euclid’s Elements. DragonBox Elements teaches kids to identify basic shapes and how their mathematical properties relate to each other. By solving the puzzles in the game, kids are actually learning how to build logical mathematical arguments and build geometry proofs.

4.99 $ in the Apple App Store
4.99 $ in the Google Play Store

Land of Venn
Land of Venn

The Land of Venn is a hilarious and beautifully drawn game that teaches kids about the properties of basic shapes. It is a tower-defense game and the goal is to protect the Kabouters, and their magic juice, from an onslaught of Bookkenriders, by quickly drawing shapes. The more complex the shape, the more enemies you can defeat. Great for teaching kids about basic shapes and a wonderfully fun game in its own right, sure to keep your kids engaged for hours.

2.99 $ in the Apple App Store

Wuzzit top 5
Wuzzit trouble

Wuzzit trouble is an awesome game designed by NPR’s Math Guy, Keith Devlin, and his team at Brainquake. This game is special because you might not recognize how it relates to solving the typical problems students will face in school, but that’s not the point. Wuzzit aims to build the players mathematical thinking skills by teaching them the underlying logic of mathematics. Math is not just about learning about the order of operations and getting the right answer, but logical reasoning. Wuzzit trouble teaches you to formulate logical mathematical strategies in your head, so that you can free the cute Wuzzits from their cages. We’ve seen kids play it, and you can almost hear their brains working. Great Stuff!

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FREE in the Google Play Store

Questimate top 5
Motion Math: Questimate

Motion Math has a whole series of fun and engaging ways to learn different topics within mathematics. We love them all, but Questimate stands out as one of our favorites. You might think that guessing has no place in mathematics, but you can be sure that even the Philae team had to do a bit of qualified guessing to land that thing. In Questimate you challenge yourself or your friends to estimate the proportions of one object compared to other objects, like for example “how many fridges would you have to stack to reach the moon”. The game is great for introducing kids to proportions and an ingenious way to teach the all important art of guesstimation.

FREE+in-app-purchase in the Apple App Store

twelve a dozen top 5
Twelve a Dozen

This beautiful 2D side-scroller takes you on a magical journey to save Dozenopolis from imminent doom. To save the city, the player has to solve a series of math-based puzzles that teach basic arithmetic and pre-algebra concepts. The game is well crafted, engaging and definitely worth a look for any parent who wishes to see their kid lost in the magical world of mathematics for hours on end.

4.99 $ in the Apple App Store

Slice Fractions top 5
Slice Fractions
Slice fractions is a fun and well paced puzzle game that teaches kids about fractions. The player has to help a mammoth pass a series of obstacles by slicing objects, like blocks of ice, to allow the mammoth to move on to the next level. Kids will love the satisfaction of solving the puzzles and they won’t be able to complete the game without having learned fractions. Also, there are hats.

2.99 $ in the Apple App Store
2.58 $ in the Google Play Store