It’s on! We have gotten unanimously positive reviews by players, parents, educators… even the White House took notice! So we’ve decided it is time to run a big “Back to School” promotion in September.

Our Back to School promotion offers two main things:

  • 50% OFF, ON ALL OUR APPS! 50% of DragonBox Algebra 5+, 50% off DragonBox Algebra 12+, and 50% off DragonBox Elements
  • NEW & FREE DRAGONBOX ALGEBRA LITE: we have released a free version of DragonBox Algebra, with one full chapter playable for free and a 1m video showing the way learning happens in this chapter.

You have options, whether you’d like to go for a free trial with DragonBox Algebra Lite, or grab our games while we’re offering this deal, so don’t put this off and get one of the DragonBox games!