Our goal is to create games covering the 5 big ideas of mathematics taught up to high school. DragonBox Elements introduces what we consider to be the most important of all subjects in geometry: Proof.

Euclid’s Elements is considered a masterpiece by mathematicians, and it has been immensely influential for science, as it laid the foundations for the scientific method. Geometric proof has been taught for the last 2300 years for good reason. It is a powerful way to structure your thoughts and sharpen your reasoning skills. And it is beautiful for the mind.

This subject is often pretty meaningless to kids who fail to see the value of it, let alone its beauty or power. Since it is so abstract and disconnected from real life, it is often difficult to motivate kids to learn it properly.

DragonBox Elements is our contribution to what we believe is one of the most essential subjects in mathematics, a subject that can be applied to other areas than mathematics, a knowledge which is universal.

What are the key learnings from doing proof?

1- You know that what you see is not necessarily what is

2- Doing proof is about exploration and a journey in logical reasoning. You don´t necessarily see how to reach your destination, but by exploring each path, applying your knowledge to deduce new evidences that lead to new paths, you are approaching and finally reaching your goal.

The strategy is simple. Observe, deduce. Some more difficult proofs need some creativity to change or simplify the problem, but basically the first thing you have to do is explore and deduce what you can deduce.

To make sure our kids understand and master this strategy is fundamental in mathematics. They have to be trained to practice it many times.

DragonBox Elements has removed the language barrier in basic geometry proof so that everyone can access the fundamental game of geometry.

Geometric proof is one of the oldest games in our culture, and it shouldn´t be just for the elite.