Education is like an old PC. It takes ages to boot, and while it has its uses it fills your life with unnecessary frustration and inefficiency.

In a conversation with a friend three years ago, we discussed how some guys had designed a new way to boot PCs, much faster. To force innovation, they put a major constraint. Their new booting system would take less than 5 seconds to boot.

This example has inspired me to teach mathematics completely differently. I set as a constraint to convey the 5 big ideas in mathematics in less than 20 hours of game play.

  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Numbersense

This constraint has been a very efficient tool to innovate. Two years ago, we created our first game DragonBox Algebra where kids can learn how to solve basic equations without any prerequisite.

This week, we are launching the 2nd big step in our 5-part vision; DragonBox Elements, a game where kids can play and explore geometric proof, one of the cornerstones of mathematics, as set forth in Euclid’s Elements (Wikipedia).

At age 20 the average student has given up on math. Not only is the bootup time too long, it’s frequently failing to load completely! WeWantToKnow is designing a new booting system for mathematics, and we are ⅖ of the way there.

I would love it if my own children can be introduced to all the 5 big ideas in mathematics long before they turn 20. Thankfully we are not alone in this quest, but there is ample room for new innovators. I hope our games can inspire both young and adult minds alike.

Enjoy the game of math.