Dragon Box was pre launched in Norway last saturday and it has been a huge success. Thousands of families and children downloaded the app. Top grossing app in all categories from day 1. Pretty unexpected.

We decided that our main market for Dragon Box would be children and parents because we wanted to be customer centered. And the law of the market is the best law to see if there is a need for your product.

It seems as if there is a huge need out there for our kind of games. And it is really cool.

What are the plans for WeWantToKnow? well, the plans haven´t changed. We will develop many more games to cover the full math curriculum, in our own way.

Our drive is to show that we can learn maths much more rapidly, and really have fun. Children deserve it.

Many wonder whether we will be able to create more games as Dragon Box.

Well, my partner Patrick was in Oslo this week, and I presented 3 new concepts of math games, I mean as elegant and subtle as Dragon Box.

One of them has been been tested on paper with my 8 years old daughter and she loved it. This game is the key to math understanding, and it is very simple. A killer.

Another one was in one evening prototyped by Patrick, and it s a real game, we need to test the learning effect of it as it is really unconventional.

Another is about functions.

Many have requested a game about percentages. My own view on the subject is that multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, proportions are in fact the same subject and should be addressed at the same time. I have a very good idea to represent this, but it requires time to test it further.

So, dont worry, many games with math in the game play are coming and we are certainly not the only one to be able to do it.

Many will start creating games where math is in the game play. And it is good.

A new industry is emerging… while many are snoozing…