Dragon Box will be very soon on the appstore in France and Norway.

Update: DragonBox was launched in Norway on 12.05.2012.

We work hard to make sure people who have a need for this game will hear of it.

Who can benefit from this game?

  • Students who struggle with algebra
  • Students who expect more challenges
  • Teachers who need variation in the classroom and more efficiency
  • Parents who want to freshen up their math knowledge
  • Parents who think they are not good at math, algebra will be demystified!
  • Anybody who likes puzzle games of quality

Why is Dragon Box revolutionary?

  • No prerequesite needed to understand and learn algebra concepts
  • The first game where you really learn while playing (it is not a quizz!)
  • Discover algebra concepts yourself and do real maths like mathematicians!
  • Take the time you need and still, learn algebra in no time!
  • It is a real game

Does it really work?

  • Just test it! and please tell us!