There is a huge difference between the French educational system and the Norwegian one.

I could never work in a French school. Hierarchical, a lot of administrative tasks and red tape, and an unbalance in the learning structure where the teacher is at the center of the process with way too much power.

The Norwegian system I experience is much more open and I see a clear tendency to make the system more and more customer centered. Evaluations from students, focus on learning rather than just grades, formative assessment, teachers who respect students as I never experienced in France.

Still, it is far from enough to increase the productivity of school and I doubt it will give the quantum leap in the learning process we need to solve the many challenges that our society face.

Why is it like that?

I have one answer: MONOPOLY.

The state decides what to learn, how to learn it, when to learn it, which means to use to learn it, with whom to learn it, how much is spent on learning it.

The state decides which service or product it will buy and which product is relevant for your kids. The state is both client and producer. The state is a dictator. Who is the state? nobody, and everybody.

Where are our kids? Where is our future?

By now, we know there is no magic in improving an industry. We need to be customer centered.

Customer centeredness means competition. Competition means innovation. Innovation means better products and services.

There is absolutely no incentive for teachers to innovate. And the state cuts all incentives from private iniatives to innovate because it has the monopoly of the ressource allocation in education.

State school disturbs a vital market for economic growth and development.

Education must be open for customer centeredness, competition and innovation. Without it, nothing will change.

And if you take a look around you, you will certainly note nothing has changed. You can see a smart board, lots of computers, but really nothing has changed since you were on the school bench.

Think of the power that would be unleashed if we were to tap into the potential of many more students!